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The national diesel average dipped by 5.1 cents this past week to $4.058.

Transportation Department

Motor carriers are being warned about an email scam asking carriers for personal information.


Less freight moved in January than in December, according to one report.


The country’s average diesel price didn’t change at all this past week, holding at $4.109.

Postal Service

USPS has selected 16 more locations for Sorting and Delivery Centers slated to open in early September, according to an affiliated union.


A crowded intersection in New Jersey has the dubious distinction of being the worst trucking bottleneck in the nation for the sixth year in a row.


Diesel prices rose double digits in the U.S. this week, reflecting the steepest single-week increase in over six months.

Postal Service

The Postmaster General has staked out a litany of planned changes this year as part of the USPS network redesign.


A business coalition is suing to halt California’s forthcoming edict that companies in and out of the state report greenhouse gas emissions.


Dozens of Republican congress members have issued a resolution to stop the Federal Highway Administration from imposing greenhouse gas performance metrics.