Transportation Jobs Stay Steady in June

Trucking industry employment stayed mostly flat during June, shedding 100 jobs, according to federal statistics. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported July 5 that there were approximately 1.55 million seasonally adjusted jobs in the industry, marking the third straight month of a decrease. 

In June 2023, there were more than 1.58 million trucking jobs, giving the industry a dip of over 30,000 jobs year over year. 

The overall transportation sector saw a bump of 7,300 seasonally adjusted jobs during June, reaching a total of 6.59 million. The largest increases came from support activities for transportation (2,700 jobs) and transit and ground passenger transportation (2,600 jobs). 

The total unemployment rate stayed similar at 4.1 percent, according to BLS, with total nonfarm payroll employment jumping by 206,000 during the month.