Some Contractors May Need Cybersecurity Training

Correction 1/25/23: This story has been updated to correct misinformation. The sourced press release did not state which contractors would have to undergo the training. A Postal Service official has confirmed that this training applies only to a handful of HCR contractors.

A select few contractors with the U.S. Postal Service may have to complete a cybersecurity training course by March 31. 

The course, called CyberSafe Fundamentals, aims to educate contractors on USPS cybersecurity policies in order to protect sensitive electronic information, according to a release

Keith Harris, USPS director of surface transportation, clarified to the NSRMCA that the training would not apply to the typical HCR operator, but that it might apply to facility operators, depending on if they have access to internal USPS systems.

The class is available on the HERO platform. Those who do not complete the course by the end of March will have limited access to the ACE system until they finish the training. 

Contractors can visit the CyberSafe training page on Blue or email for any additional information.