Report: Operating Costs Could Double After Electric Conversion

Fleet owners with heavy-duty trucks could be paying more than double their current operating costs after transitioning to an electric fleet, according to a new report. 

As the push for switching to electric vehicles continues, Ryder analyzed the specific costs of conversion for three classes (4,6 and 8) of vehicles in both California and Georgia. 

In California, the overall operational cost for class 8 vehicles was estimated to increase 94 percent, while fleets in Georgia would experience a 114 percent hike. The cost of the vehicle is the largest driving force in both states, increasing by 501 percent in both states. 

Labor and insurance costs are also projected to take a big leap because of the lower maximum payload on an electric vehicle (22,000 pounds) versus a regular diesel truck (29,000 pounds). Thus, Ryder estimates nearly two electric vehicles and more drivers would be required to carry an identical load. 

The variance by state is also attributed to different gas and energy costs in those two studied states. 

Ryder is a member of NSRMCA.