PRC Wants More Answers on USPS’ Future Plans

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) continues to question USPS about its ongoing network changes. 

The watchdog agency’s latest inquiry concerns — in part — Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s announced pause on parts of Delivering for America (DFA). The document also poses questions on pilot tests and comments made by DeJoy at the recent National Postal Forum. 

Specifically, the PRC wants a timeline of the Local Transportation Optimization initiative; documents showing a cost reduction from moving volume by air to the ground; a host of information on different pilot plans from the past, present and future; and clarification from DeJoy after he said DFA “has reduced the projected ten-year losses from $160 billion to $65 billion.” 

“Emerging circumstances and information have reinforced the urgency and importance of understanding the impacts and regulatory implications of DFA before the Postal Service makes further changes that impact service,” PRC Chairman Michael Kubayanda stated in an accompanying release. 

The release noted that overall service in 2024 “has been at historic lows, while locations such as Atlanta continue to suffer service problems, even after some improvement in recent weeks.” 

The deadline for the Postal Service to answer by is June 24. This line of questioning is the latest in the PRC’s public inquiry into DFA, which has been ongoing since mid-2023.