N.Y. Trucking Group Sues to Stop Congestion Toll

With the implementation date for Manhattan’s congestion fees fast approaching, a group is suing to prevent them from taking effect.

The Trucking Association of New York (TANY) filed suit over the fees June 30 in the Southern District of New York. The group claims that the “only vehicle classes with no full or partial exemptions are commercial trucks and vans. These vehicles must pay the toll each and every time they enter the zone,” causing a disproportionate burden on truckers.

The toll is set to take effect June 30, with all trucks being charged between $24 and $36 to enter the zone during the day, and between $6 and $9 at night. The amount of the toll depends on the truck’s size and function.

The specific zone affected would be all of Manhattan below Central Park (60th Street and lower). The Metropolitan Transportation Authority implemented the plan to reduce traffic and emissions in the area.