N.Y. Authority Finalizes Congestion Pricing for Manhattan

Starting this June, trucks will have to pay a toll to enter lower and midtown Manhattan.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) backed the policy change on an 11-1 vote March 27 as part of the region’s congestion pricing plan, according to an MTA release.

Under the plan, all of Manhattan below Central Park (60th Street and lower) has been designated a congestion relief zone, one that requires a toll to enter. The MTA anticipates that this will reduce traffic and emissions in the region.

All trucks will be charged a toll of $24-$36 to enter the zone during the day, and between $6 and $9 at night. The amount of the toll depends on the truck’s size and function.

Trucks aren’t the only affected vehicles. Passenger vehicles and small commercial vehicles will pay $15 during the day and $3.75 in the evening. The release noted that a 50 percent discount is available “for low-income vehicle owners.”

MTA has been hyping the tolling plan since it first recommended the policy changes in November. The effort has also been the subject of multiple lawsuits.