National Diesel Average Stays Mostly the Same

Diesel prices countrywide rose less than one cent this week to $4.034. 

Results across the country presented a mixed bag of increases and decreases during the week ending March 25, according to an Energy Information Administration report

Fleets in the Gulf Coast paid an average of $3.717 per gallon after a 2.8-cent decrease. On the East Coast, prices fell less than one cent to $4.125. 

In the Midwest, the average rose 3.1 cents to $3.986. 

Over on the West Coast, a gallon of diesel fuel is now $4.666 after jumping 2.7 cents. The Rocky Mountain per-gallon price increased 1.8 cents to $3.986. 

Nationally, diesel is 9.4 cents cheaper than a year ago at this time.