More Than $80 Million Granted for Truck Parking

A new round of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration grant money has been awarded, with a focus on truck parking. 

The funding of more than $80 million, stemming from the bipartisan infrastructure law, aims to expand access to truck parking, invest in technology and improve safety on the nation’s roadways, according to a Sept. 13 release

The grants “include a 65 percent increase in funding for truck parking projects over last year,” the release notes. Four major projects are mentioned, including: 

  • Signs along highways in Kentucky, Delaware and Indiana to help drivers locate parking spaces in real time 

  • Research supporting alerts to inform drivers of upcoming work zones on their route 

  • Enhanced digital screening technology to detect vehicle violations 

  • Outreach and education to fight human trafficking 

“We depend on truck drivers every day, and we have a national responsibility to support their safety and job quality,” stated Pete Buttigieg, transportation secretary. “Today, we are proud to deliver new funding that will improve safety on our nation’s roads.”