Fuel Prices in Freefall for Sixth Week Running

Diesel fuel costs have dropped 13 cents over the past week, continuing a six-week streak of lower prices at the pump.

In its Aug. 1 update, the Energy Information Association reported that the national average for a gallon of diesel fuel is roughly $5.14, down from the prior week’s average of around $5.27 per gallon. Despite the plummeting price, diesel is still costlier than it was last August, to the tune of more than $1.77 per gallon.

Prices fell across all regions, with the Rocky Mountains seeing the largest drop of the week: prices there fell nearly 21 cents to around $5.18 per gallon. Prices on the West Coast also dipped sharply, declining 18 cents a gallon to $5.80. In fact, prices in all regions dropped 10 cents or more except for New England, where a gallon of diesel costs a little over $5.46 a gallon, a 7.6-cent drop from the previous week.

As always, California’s reign as costliest region to buy diesel continues unchallenged, with prices at an eye-watering $6.26 per gallon, despite a 12-cent drop from the previous week.