FMCSA Warns of Safety Audit Scam

Motor carriers are being warned about an email scam asking carriers for personal information. 

The email purports to be from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and tells recipients it is time for them to sign up for a safety audit, according to a legitimate alert from the FMCSA. 

If carriers follow a link in the email, they will see a form asking for their PIN number, employer identification number and Social Security number. That information would allow scammers to gain access to the victim’s FMCSA account. 

The agency noted in the alert that while the email looks convincing, safety audit communications will come from an official FMCSA mailbox or from a state entity. 

“While these emails typically end in a ‘.gov’, we encourage our stakeholders and customers to verify any email or communication they feel to be suspicious with the appropriate agency or contact your FMCSA Division Office directly to clarify,” according to the release.