FMCSA Considers Requiring Electronic IDs on Trucks

Federal regulators are contemplating mandatory electronic IDs for all trucks to improve roadside inspections. 

The technology would wirelessly transmit a unique ID number when queried by safety enforcement personnel, according to a Sept. 23 Federal Register notice on the proposal. 

The ID would “more fully [enable] enforcement agencies to focus their efforts” on higher-risk carriers and drivers, according to the notice. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) claims that this technology is essential because “the number of vehicles to regulate far outpaces enforcement resources.” While vehicles can be identified via license plate readers and their DOT numbers, these tools are comparatively limited, the notice explains. 

The proposed requirement originated from a 2010 petition by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. 

The agency is requesting feedback on the proposal via a list of questions in the notice that fall under five categories: general, functionality, populations affected, cost/benefits and other. 

Comments submitted by Nov. 22 will be factored into the process.