Diesel Prices Rise After Weeks of Decline

The price of diesel climbed for the first time in three weeks, rising eight cents for an average of $4.604. 

Diesel spiked in every region of the country, according to an Energy Information Administration (EIA) report

The Midwest had the highest increase — almost 10 cents — pushing the region’s average price to $4.473. Similarly, Gulf Coast prices rose nine cents to $4.32 per gallon. 

Despite being on different sides of the country, the East Coast and West Coast both had increases of around six cents, leaving their respective averages at $4.81 and $5.095. 

The Rocky Mountain region saw the smallest increase, with the average only rising less than a cent for a gallon price of $4.736. 

Overall, the price of diesel nationwide is $0.824 more expensive than a year ago at this time.