Diesel Prices Fall Once Again

The national average price of diesel fell by eight cents this week, with a gallon now costing $5.233. 

Almost every region saw a decrease for the week ending Nov. 21, according to an Energy Information Administration (EIA) report

The Gulf Coast saw the largest drop — around ten cents — bringing the area’s average gallon price to $4.782. 

The Midwest had a nine-cent drop, leaving a gallon at $5.231, while the East Coast witnessed a drop of around six cents, putting the region’s average price at $5.411. 

The West Coast had the smallest drop — around two cents — with a gallon of diesel now costing $5.744. 

The Rocky Mountain region was an outlier, as it had a price increase of almost four cents. Diesel now costs an average of $5.438 in that area. 

From a macro lens, the price of diesel is $1.509 more expensive than a year ago.