DeJoy Forecasts Planned Changes for 2024

A lot has changed for the U.S. Postal Service under Delivering for America, and more is planned for the year ahead, according to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. 

During a Nov. 14 speech to the USPS Board of Governors, DeJoy laid out the expectations for 2024. 

“We expect to end 2024 with the completion of over 20 modernized processing facilities, the closing of over 40 costly annexes and contracted facilities, the opening of close to 100 commercially impactful Sorting and Delivery Centers, the deployment of approximately 30,000 new carrier vehicles, the reduction of another 28 million work hours, the elimination of close to $1 billion of transportation costs and the growth of our package business by over $1 billion,” he said. 

While DeJoy acknowledged that there will be some disruptions along the way, he is confident in his team’s ability to respond and adapt. 

During the same presentation before the board, USPS officials disclosed that the Postal Service finished fiscal 2023 with a $6.5 billion net loss. In 2021 projections, 2023 was forecasted as a breakeven year, financially. DeJoy said he doesn’t expect to break even in 2024, either. 

“However, our leadership team continues to push forward to implement the strategies defined in the Delivering for America plan that will transform the Postal Service into a vibrant and self-sustaining organization, delivering postal services to the American people for many years to come,” he said.